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About me 

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Professional ​Info​​

I am a social studies teacher. My passion for social studies drove me to become a social studies teacher. Now  I am Headmaster in a secondary school. I enjoyed my career a lot as a social studies teacher.  I wish to motivate and support every upcoming social studies teachers through this website. 


​1996 - Secondary Grade Teacher selected in DSC- 1996 and worked as a secondary grade teacher in MPPP School, No.2, Ubalanka.


​1998 - School Assistant, Social Studies.


​I got through the DSC - 1998 as the district topper in social studies subject. Got placement in ZPHS, Vanapali. 

Next, transfer to ZPHS, Ryali, worked for 9 years. Enjoyed teaching a lot.

Then, transferred to ZPHS, Boys, Ravulapalem.

Got a Promotion in 2013

As a Gazetted Headmaster, ZPHS, Jagannadhagiri, Kajuluru Mandal.

Transferred to ZPHS  Ganti in 2015.

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